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DAY OUT OF TIME (DOOT), Blue Spectral Night Day, Tuesday July 25, 2017
In Motueka, New Zealand, venue to be announced closer to the time…

The DAY OUT OF TIME has been celebrated as a day of Celebration and Forgiveness and coincides with World Water day, initiated by Matsuri Emoto in collaboration with the Law of Time… This event has been run worldwide by those following the 13 Moon Calendar for the past 25 years… All are welcome and it is a free event, where people are encouraged to experience Time Is Art and release Time Is Money, as a look into the future that we are co-creating in living lives in tune with natural harmonies…

On this day we will have a short workshop exploring the 13 Moon Calendar and Dreamspell as alternatives to the Gregorian Calendar… With a Sacred Dreamspell Theatre co-creation, see below, and a Fire Ceremony…

All are welcome to bring their abundance to share… Whatever that means to you… If you have any questions, feel free to comment below…

Call Vasumi on +64 (0)3 5278 111 for directions…


HEALTH & HEALING EXPOS – Nelson, NZ – May 13 & 14
Vasumi will be teaching Mayan Dreamspell at this expo, as well as having a booth – TimeWaves Events

There are 4 Nelson Expo dates where she will be presenting in 2017.
May 13 & 14,
July 22nd & 23rd
Sept 30th & 1st Oct
Dec 9th & 10th.

NATURAL TIME, 13 MOONS & MAYAN DREAMSPELL – Titirangi, New Zealand on Monday, June 4 2017, 6-9pm

MAYAN WISDOM TEACHINGS – Mangawhai, North Island, New Zealand on Sunday, June 3 2017, noon-3pm

At The Gaya Tree

Details to be announced…


MANIFESTING PEACE – A Virtual TeleSummit for Guided Spiritual Action, Hosted by Jen Mazer. April 3-7, 2017 – A Free Online Event

I am honored to be a featured speaker in Jen Mazer’s ‘Manifesting Peace’ virtual summit representing TimeWaves Events.

Look forward to deeply insightful conversations and live on-the-call meditations to help YOU Manifest Peace and have a greater impact on the world!

Join me and 9 other experts like Rha Goddess, Sonia Choquette, Elizabeth Cronise McLoughlin, and more for FREE!

Click here for more info.



For fb page click here.

We’re happy to invite you to join us in exploring the Cosmos and your place within it!

We will dive deep into the planetary orbits as they are reflected in one participant’s personal soul finger print, by modelling their astrolocial natal chart.

A Circle will be drawn and magic will be woven by placing you to channel a planets energy… All together we shall witness the dance of planetary and personal energies unfolding. Be the cosmos directly reflecting a souls journey and feel it in your bones!

Address and further information will be given thru private message upon confirmation of attendance.

If this excites you, as it does us, please join us in this exploration of planetary influences onto a person’s soul!!!

MAYAN DREAMSPELL TEACHER TRAINING – April 10-11, 2017 – 10am-6pm

Vasumi will be leaving Bali mid April and not returning for a while to share  Events here and would like to invite those that have been touched by the Mayan Dreamspell to consider to attend this Teacher Training so that the work of Natural Time can still flow on in this Bali Portal…
At the end of this 2-day Teacher Training, you will have the tools to go on and begin to share this amazing work. We need new teachers and those that share the Tzolkin Science of Synchronicity. Those that know nothing of this yet and are still drawn to it, are also welcome.
The venue will be announced to those that show interest in attending…
See fb event page here for more details
In Lak’ech


MAYAN DREAMSPELL EXPLORATION with Vasumi – at Urban Spirit, Singapore, April 14, 2017, 7.30pm

Investment $75

You are invited to dive deep into the mysteries of the Maya on behalf of TimeWaves Events!

Come and hear about this Law of Time as the foundational matrix of natural life, and learn of the distortions that have humanity on a disharmonic track. Then leaving that behind let us explore your essence and learn of your most aligned purpose for being here.
You will leave this workshop with the capacity to follow each day and be aligned in the natural order of the universe!
All are welcome!

FB event page for more info.


PRIVATE MAYAN DREAMSPELL/ASTRO SOUL SESSIONS with Vasumi Zjikaa, hosted by Urban Spirit, April 15 – Singapore

Both Mayan Dreamspell & Astro Soul Sessions available

Would you like to recognise your Soul Purpose, receiving clear reflections around this? This is possible with Dreamspell Mayan Astrology & Astro Soul Sessions…

Would you like to understand the meaning of your life as it relates to your Planetary Mission?

FB event page for more details


WOMENS WHEEL OF LIFE – 13 archetypes of women in her fullest power at Urban Spirit – April 16, 2017

Exploring the 4 Seasons – Innocence, Nurturing, Power, Wisdom, and the Centre, Source itself – the Transformative Journey of Woman… A Womans Rites of Passage.

On this day we will immerse ourselves into Womans Life Journey, through guided meditation, ceremony and sharing of Story. … for more info see the FB page here


 Mayan Dreamspell Theatre

Dreamspell Theatre

Here is the site that features the Mayan Dreamspell Theatre as a Wisdom Teaching for activating the New Time within community…

Feel free to view and invite us, whether one person, two people, four people or a full tribe of 22 people to come to your festival and share these teachings thru Dreamspell Theatre

In Lak’ech – I am another yourself