Being bathed in the first rays of light shining in my window. The Serpent and the Sun greet!


My mind reaches out full of hope to meet the brilliance of this new day! The energy in my body awakens and I meet the beauty with the instinctive knowing that we have a new chance at co-creating beauty today. I know that I can arise and join with creation to become its vehicle, its channel. All it requires of me is to be preset to the moment, allowing all that is to be, beyond value judgement. Today is a new experiment, a new co-creation. The thought arises ‘Red SelfExisting Serpent’. Aah my faults respond with ‘of course my instinctive limbic brain reaches to the light, allowing the food of hope, to usher in the new day, naturally becoming available to Spirit flowing thru me. The thrill of surrender to Creation, to be fully available to whatever arises, the wonderful experiment, immersed in beauty and potential. ‘And the Guide for today?’ my mind asks. ‘Dragon, of course to respond’. So interesting to have the quest-i-on and have the mind define it so eloquently. Then aha follows, ‘it is ‘sElfExisting today, to define’. The divine miracle of each day doing me, with my awareness following suit. Always finding what is right with my natural flow, as I am embedded in the harmonic matrix. In this moment allowing the flood of pure light energy to flow through my body, in relaxing waves of okayness, releasing yet again millennia of denying the pure goodness of each day in favor of  the divine beauty of a natural response to our beloved cosmos, Knowing my place in it, is nothing short of a miracle. It feels good and right to write today. My first thoughts were to document, to celebrate with you all, the awakening of this new day. To share this life devoted to the uttering of the Tzolkin, in each new day. This experiment and ever-growing trust in the hope of sharing the brilliance of the revelations that come, as a great cleansing to my system, of all the conditioning of the patriarchal millennia.  To rise as a beacon, pointing to the ancient future Mayan Dreamspell Calendar as a guide to the natural impulses that exist within us. Restoring faith and trust in our own natural responses, to find that place inside stripped of dogmas and dos and fonts. Surrendered to the flow of consciousness through us, at one with the evolving tides of beauty that is this life. Revealing surprises in the rightness again and again of our own innate being, as connected naturally to the flow of LIFE! Aaaah the pure simplicity of adhering to the witness right now, and witnessing the glory of revelation with each new breath on this beloved Red SelfExisting Serpent day. That is all for now, simply this, no promises of more or less, just this…. Allowing the breath of the Wind Wavespell to blow through me on this 4th of 13 days of channeling spirit breath! We are consciousness evolving! In Lak’ech

Cross the Bridge to Natural Time

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Vasumi has spent the past 23 years awakening to the codes of the harmonic matrix each day. Allowing the experiment of natural time to infuse her. She now shares, inspires and teaches the simplicity of the harmonic matrix, which is simply a change of mind. A choice to track a time that leads to freedom out of the binds of the patriarchal system that is killing our planet. She encourages you to walk through the door she has open, awaiting you to step through into a more natural and beautiful life, in alignment with all of life.


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