The Sidereal Astrology Birth Chart maps the true placement of the planets in the constellations. With the same placements of the planets in constellations as Vedic Astrology minus the Hindu overlay. It is the Astrology of the ancients, pre-colonisation, where the tracking of the planets through the 12 constellations (13 including Ophiucus) is, as it is, in the sky. The Sidereal Astrology Birth Chart is a pure reflection of the heavens at the time you were born.

Western Astrology aligns the signs to the equinoxes and solstices. 0 degrees Aries beginning on the Spring Equinox of the Northern Hemisphere. After 35 years exploring Western Astrology I found I could no longer deny the pull to Sidereal Astrology and its alignment with the true constellations in the sky, and began to explore my Sidereal Astrology Birth Chart. My experience gifted many things, among them a deeper sense of arriving home to my true essence, and also a deeper release and sensitivity to overlays I may have taken on over time, as a metaphysical systems lover, a valuable learning.

Vasumi offers clear reflections through reading the codes of your Sidereal Astrology Birth Chart, aligning you to the cosmos that we inhabit. Each Sidereal Astrology Birth Chart is a story of the unfolding of your life. Together we can explore your Sidereal Astrology Birth Chart, your Sidereal Transit Chart, Sidereal Astrology Compatibility with any beloveds, and also your Astrocartography Map.

Sidereal Astrology Birth Chart


Your Sidereal Astrology Birth Chart is constructed from Date, Time and Place of Birth. It reveals the foundational patterns you are here to explore and master in this life.

Sidereal Astrology Progressed Chart

The Sidereal Astrology Progressed Chart gives a sense of how your foundation has grown, where you are now in relation to that foundation, how the building of Self is evolving.

Sidereal Transit Chart

The Sidereal Transit Chart reveals the challenges and flows that you are experiencing presently. It gifts clarity as it reveals how the universe is guiding you through your learning, assisting in inner-standing and surrender to the moment.

Sidereal Transit Chart

Sidereal Astrology Compatibility

There are two ways to explore Sidereal Astrology Compatibility. Synastry compares Sidereal Astrology Compatibility through exploring the two independent Sidereal Astrology Birth Charts of those involved. Revealing challenges and strengths, flows and obstructions of two independent beings. The Composite Chart explores Sidereal Astrology Compatibility, through combining the the two Sidereal Astrology Birth Charts to make a third chart, the chart of the relationship, the third entity in a relationship. It reveals the potentials of the relationship, and the bigger mission of the union.

AstroCartography Map

The AstroCartography Map takes your Sidereal Astrology Birth Chart and looks to where the Planets were above (MC or mid-heaven), below (IC), east (Asc) or west (Dsc) at your time of birth. The AstroCartography Map offers a look at your relationship to different places on the planet. In this reading you may choose 4 locations, to explore your relationship to those places through your Sidereal Astrology Birth Chart. There are good places for work, for love, for relaxation, for going within, for example. Places for awakening, places for resting and sleeping. It also pinpoints places that are not the best for you. Exploring the AstroCartography Map is a fascinating study of the places you have lived, or would like to live.

Astrocartography Map

Next Steps

Whether you would like to explore just your Sidereal Astrology Birth Chart, or go on to explore more in depth your Sidereal Transit Chart, your Sidereal Astrology Compatibility with others in your life, or to travel with your mind to different places across the globe with your AstroCartography Map, I am sure this will offer grand awakenings to re-member-ances of why you are here. It is my utmost joy to journey with you and explore the vastness of this Solar System and beyond with you via your Sidereal Astrology Birth Chart and all that it opens doors to. Below you can access the different readings, although I suggest the first step is to explore your Sidereal Astrology Birth Chart, and then we can move forward from there. Thankyou in advance should you choose to trust this journey.