Sidereal Astrology maps the true placement of the planets in the. constellations. With the same placements of the planets in constellations as Vedic Astrology, minus the Hindu approach. It is the Astrology of the ancients, pre-colonisation, where the tracking of the planets through the constellations is as it is in the sky.

Western Astrology is apt for a colonised perspective, and who we are programmed within the archaic system. And yet my feeling is if we want to be truly free, then the move to the truth of the planets in relation to the constellations, is necessary. As a friend suggested, if we go to a future vision to see what is there, and then trace our way back to now, we will find the most direct route and be made aware of the most potent next step, in the creation and manifestation of that vision of our lives.

From 35 years of studying Astrology in many of its different facets, Vasumi offers a clear reflection through reading the codes that align you to the cosmos that we inhabit. Each chart is a story of the unfolding of your life.

Natal Chart Readings

The Natal Chart Reading is constructed from Date, Time and Place of Birth. It reveals the foundational patterns you are here to explore and master in this life, as an offering of Self.

Progressed Chart Readings

The Progressed chart gives a sense of where you are now in relation to that foundation, how many walls and windows you have built, and how the building of Self is evolving.

Solar Return Readings

The Solar Return Reading explores the sidereal astrology alignment at the moment when your Sun position is in the same position as it was when you were born. This happens each year around your birthday, and reveals what you can expect from the next year.



Transit Readings

Transits reveal the challenges and flows of the moment and the times you are in presently.

Relationship Readings

Relationship Readings include the two ways of exploring a relationship astrologically. Synastry compares the charts of those involved, revealing challenges and strengths, flows and obstructions between the people involved. The Composite Chart looks at the third entity of the relationship itself, to explore the potentials of the merged energy. 

Astro-Cartography Readings

Astro-Cartography is offered and looks at your relationship to different places on the planet, In this reading you may choose 4 locations, to explore your relationship to those places. There are good places for work, for love, for relaxation, for going within, for example. Places for awakening, places for resting and sleeping. This is a fascinating study of the places you have lived, or would like to live.