The Dalai Lama recently said it is the western women that will save the world, this created such an intense wave of knowing through my body, those women that are free and ready to claim there spiritual power to create change, and release the old shackles of disempowerment in order to be the voices for our Mother Earth and planetary awakening… Empowering the feminine on all levels in order to readdress the balance on our planet…

What western women have is their economic, sexual and reproductive freedom, especially the most powerful women in the world, those who grew up after ww2 and are now at their spiritual and sexual peak, the crone goddesses of the baby boom generation.

When women are put in the spotlight, as people who have a value and voice that is – not greater than men – but different, important, but through much of history…mufflied. Values of compassion, kindness, cooperation, and equanimity have been (if one is looking at group data distributions) more in the camp of Western women than Western men, and it is exciting that these values are receiving more attention. These are the values that will prevent humankind from destroying him/herself in a competitive frenzy.

It seems obvious that His Holiness chose to say “Western Women” because the Western world is one where women have made enormous progress towards equality and already have the opportunity to help others on a global scale. Women in the west don’t face the obstacles of cultural (often violent) oppression and even rigid traditional women’s roles the way that women in other parts of the world still do.


What does this mean for you personally?

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