Answer the call to epic parenting in a strange new world at The Shift Networks Conscious Kids Summit.

Are you looking for ways to raise conscious, socially aware children — even in today’s crazy complex world? 

What if all children were equipped with the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual tools they need to meet the demands of their journey through life? 

Do you sometimes feel like you’re alone on this journey… and you’d love to find a community of like-minded parents on the buy soma online same path as you? Join us on this Kids Summit.

If so, this new Kids Summit is a free, online event and is perfect for you…

Take this opportunity to join a powerful lineup of esteemed presenters, educators, and thought leaders —including Mona Delfino, Grandmother Flordemayo, Adriana Ayales, The Brothers Koren, Vasumi Zjikaa and many others — who will support your parenting journey with conscious movement practices and music, guided meditations and uplifting buy soma online cheap teaching stories that point the way to what is possible. 

During this unparalleled 5-day gathering, you’ll discover:

  • Fun activities for children that double as mindful practices which benefit your whole family
  • New ways to create meaningful connection with your kids
  • Proven tips and skills to help your child cultivate courage, compassion, and resilience
  • How the magic of myth can help your child make sense of the world
  • Time-tested Ancient Wisdoms that can guide your path as parents
  • How to harness the power of ritual to supercharge family routines
  • Family-friendly music sessions from inspirational artists around the world
  • Kids’ yoga you can do at home
  • Simple techniques for helping children (and parents) manage and direct their energy
  • Daily inspiration and opportunities to set clear intentions
  • And much more…

… and much more!

Join us for the Conscious Kids Summit, April 12-16.

RSVP here for the Conscious Kids Summit — at no charge


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