The Tribes

Welcome to the 20 Tribes / Seals / Glyphs / Light Pulses / Universal Truths that make up the Story of Creation. Track them in their recurring order each day, over 20 days. We have 20 digits or fingers and toes, so in order to track the days, just place each Tribe in one finger or toe.

Beginning with the Alpha and Omega, the Yellow Sun on the Right Thumb, then Red Dragon to Yellow Seed on the Right Little Finger. Beginning with Yellow and ending with Yellow, this is the FIRE CLAN.

Now move to the Right Big Toe with Red Serpent through the toes on that foot to Red Moon. This is the BLOOD CLAN.

Then to the White Dog on the Left Thumb to White Wizard on the Left Little Finger, this is the TRUTH CLAN.

Completing with the Blue Eagle on Left Big Toe to Blue Storm on the Left Little Toe, this is the SKY CLAN.

Believe me this is the simplist way to learn how to track the days! Each day having a finger or toe to guide you.

Would you like to be guided deeper into your own Personal Journey?

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Creation Story

Creation Story

  The 20 Tribes represent the Creation Story. Each tribe connects sequentially to the tribe before and the tribe after in the cycle of evolution. By recognising each of the 20 Tribes as interconnected Universal Truths representing a Universal Cycle of...

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