Introductory TimeWaves Webinars

Dreamspell Mayan Astrology & 13 Moons

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Temple of Inscriptions TimeWaves WebinarLearn the foundations of the 1320 Harmonic Matrix in order to track the days in these TimeWaves Webinars. Leading you into the practice that tracks Indigenous Planetary Wisdom and supports the re-membering of the Ancient Future Paradigm pre-colonization. A paradigm that realigns us into the world we want to live in… A world based on beauty, where ‘Time is Art’ and we are all artists because of the simple fact that we were given a blank canvas on which to create upon our bEarth.

Reclaim your essence from a world gone mad and rebuild your foundation for the most beauty-full future, to pass onto those you love, diving deeper and deeper into divine clarity.

These webinars offer a wonderful opportunity to comprehend what is happening both personally and planet-wide each day. Bringing your awareness to an advanced paradigm of harmony and synchronicity. It is the first step to ‘Living the Harmonic Matrix’. It is also a first step in teaching this to others.

You will be gifted with a Dreamspell Workbook and a FREE pdf of this years 13 Moon Synchronometer.

This TimeWaves Webinar involves the following –

Chapter 1: Introduction to Universal Order of Time

Chapter 2: Deconstructing and Reconstructing Time

Chapter 3: Tzolkin, Time is of the 4th Dimension

Chapter 4: 20 Tribes, Story of Creation

Chapter 5: 13 Galactic Tones – Journey from Purpose to Presence

Chapter 6: Advanced Knowledge & Practices

These 6-part Timewaves Webinars 1&2 include PowerPoint presentations, Live Video teachings and inclusion in a group to share experiences with others who are exploring Natural Time.

+ a Dreamspell Workbook

a FREE pdf of this years 13 Moon Synchronometer (tracking time daily till July 25, 2019)

Buy HERE, or fill in the form below, with TimeWaves Webinar in the subject line and I will send you payment details. Once payment is received, you will be connected to a Dropbox file to download all the above. You will also be connected to our TimeWaves facebook group, where there is the opportunity to share experiences and questions, where I will also be present..

10% of each payment will be donated to our Mother Foundation, the Law of Time!

This Webinar is a pre-requisite for the Advanced Webinar – TRAVEL THROUGH TIME.

I look forward to journeying through TIME with you all!