Hello there dear kin…

So finally my computer has fully died and I am in the process of receiving another… Do any of you out there have one you no longer need?

The Wizard wavespell attracts the frequency of receptivity and anchoring the portals, and so it seems that this is the way I will receive this computer that supports my work of sharing the harmonic matrix… As I am borrowing computers for short times at the moment I will go back to writing a few words each day until I can re-commit to the daily and 13-daily transmissions…

Today is Blue Lunar Eagle and anchoring the portal through having space to see the bigger picture, in order to accomplish and heal our physical bodies that they may be able enough to receive the amount of frequency that needs to be anch9red at the moment… This is supported by Yellow Lunar Seed and calls us to focus on how the seeds grow, by putting their roots deeply in the earth in order to rise and levitate… Let us plant the seeds together and prepare for the flight… Challenged by Lunar Serpent, to anchor into the base in order to open our channels to the life force rising from the Earth… and the Hidden Gift being White Crystal Worldbridger, to allow messages to come from many different worlds, initiating an open-minded  platform to network many worlds…

So beloveds, that is it for the day and will set the intention to return to you tomorrow with the next transmission…





What does this mean for you personally?

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