Welcome to Creating a Greater Vision – Blue Eagle Wavespell, Kin 235-247

G’day Planetary Kin… The last weeks I have been in India and immersing in the great inner expanse of the sacred mountain Arunachala, and so in that last Wind Wavespell, (11-23 November 2015) the immersion was such, that I did not blog that Wavespell of Spirit, but purely and simply lived it!!! And now we have […]


Hola beautiful people and welcome to the Eagle Wavespell of vision and far-reaching insight, bringing highly creative ideas for healing our planet… Please be aware that here we are reading and intuiting codes, so if this information is not following a linear, logical mind set alone, then opt for allowing your intuitive, feeling, creative mind to also follow […]

White Wizard Wavespell – 26/2-10/3; Blue Lunar Eagle – Wednesday 27 Feb

Hello there dear kin… So finally my computer has fully died and I am in the process of receiving another… Do any of you out there have one you no longer need? The Wizard wavespell attracts the frequency of receptivity and anchoring the portals, and so it seems that this is the way I will […]


We have begun the 13-day cycle of the Red Serpent Wavespell… So let us look at the codes of this cycle to see what they conjure up… Knowing that from Day 2 of the cycle, for 10 days, the dimensional doorways will be open as new energy is poured onto the planet, keeping us on our toes, […]

ABUNDANCE – the intuitive dreaming of our planet: Blue Night Wavespell, Kin 183-195

And so to the Night wavespell we flow, into the story of Abundance, Intuition and the Dreaming of our planet… 1 MAGNETIC attracting – NIGHT Abundance, Intuition, Dreaming 2 LUNAR stabilising – SEED Target, Awareness, Flowering 3 ELECTRIC activating – SERPENT Survive, Instinct, Life Force 4 SELF EXISTING defining – WORLDBRIDGER Surrender, Opportunity, Death 5 OVERTONE […]

MAGIC is AFOOT!!! Blue Monkey Wavespell

Blessings to you divine beings of light, Kin, mi familia… Today we begin the light reprieve of the 13-day Blue Monkey Wavespell, following the intensity of the last month of recent Serpent and Mirror wavespells… The Monkey is magical, playful, innocent and full of mischief, and asks us to trust in the magic at play in […]

STEP FORTH ALL YE CHANGE AGENTS – Blue Storm Wavespell, Kin 79-91

THE TIME OF CHANGE – And so the Time of Change is upon us again… I wonder what changes we shall see in the following 13 days as the world rises to say ENOUGH! And so onto this Story of Change … The STORY of CHANGE… 1 Purpose: Storm – attracting change, the change agent, the catalyst […]