STEP FORTH ALL YE CHANGE AGENTS – Blue Storm Wavespell, Kin 79-91

THE TIME OF CHANGE – And so the Time of Change is upon us again… I wonder what changes we shall see in the following 13 days as the world rises to say ENOUGH! And so onto this Story of Change … The STORY of CHANGE… 1 Purpose: Storm – attracting change, the change agent, the catalyst […]

Blue Storm Wavespell, Kin 79-91

Dear friends… It seems we are in a time of great energy, catalysing change in our lives as we lift into this new Gregorian year… The 13-Moon Calendar begins July 26, so as I walk between the worlds, I honour both systems and slowly open the door to understanding of why it is important to […]

A time to Quest-I-On, Yellow Warrior Wavespell, Kin 196-208

The Warrior Wavespell is with us again, from 15-27 March. This is a time for Light beings getting focused on their part of the play of battling fear. To arise together to enhance and embody the beauty of our abundant Pacha Mama. The abunDance that was revealed to us in the past Blue Night Wavespell. […]

MAGIC is AFOOT!!! Blue Monkey Wavespell

Blessings to you divine beings of light, Kin, mi familia… Today we begin the light reprieve of the 13-day Blue Monkey Wavespell, following the intensity of the last month of recent Serpent and Mirror wavespells… The Monkey is magical, playful, innocent and full of mischief, and asks us to trust in the magic at play in […]

TIME FOR ‘AWAKENING’ – Kins 53-65, Red Skywalker Wavespell 5

RED SKYWALKER WAVESPELL Welcome to the Time of Awakening as we are in this cycle that encourages us to explore, expand, open and awaken, to our place within the universe, to look deeper into the #’meaning of life’… We will explore this cycle through the medium of story, as has been through time immemorial, the way to […]

INITIATIONS OF THE HEALER – Hand Wavespell, Kins 27-39

BLUE HAND WAVESPELL, Kin 27-39: Thurs 30 April – Tues 12 May; Planetary Moon 27- Spectral Moon 11 Welcome all to the 13-day cycle of the Hand, bringing forth Healing, Knowledge and Accomplishment… 1 MAGNETIC – attract; HAND – knowledge, healing, accomplishment 2 LUNAR – stabilise; STAR – beautify, art, elegance 3 ELECTRIC – activate; MOON – purify, flow, universal […]


Hola beautiful people and welcome to the Eagle Wavespell of vision and far-reaching insight, bringing highly creative ideas for healing our planet… Please be aware that here we are reading and intuiting codes, so if this information is not following a linear, logical mind set alone, then opt for allowing your intuitive, feeling, creative mind to also follow […]