This Day Out Of Time occurs on a Blue Lunar Night day. The BLUE LUNAR NIGHT is in the White Wind Wavespell and is a day to ground our abundance, through sharing and contributing – food, voice, instruments, art, skills or knowledge to channel co-creatively.

ALL are welcome to this day of celebrating TIME IS ART
On the Sunday 25 July, which is called the Day Out Of Time or DOOT, this will be a free flowing day.

Beginning at the Waiheke Mystery School at 1pm.
Bring Potluv, cacao ceremony, songs, GLOBAL music sharing, poetry & dancing or whatever anyone in the
community would like to offer…If you already order carisoprodol know your Mayan Signature, come dressed up in your expression of it! (on both days if you wish)

A DAY OUT OF TIME? What could that possibly be?
How about no day of the month or week at all?
But, you might say, it is Sunday July 25, 2021. That’s true on the Gregorian calendar, but not on the Thirteen Moon/28-day calendar!
The Day Out of Time is the day to celebrate TIME IS ART.
And since art is the basis of constructive peace, this day is also celebrated as International Peace through Culture Day worldwide.
Peace through culture is a fundamental premise of the 13 moon/28-day calendar.
When you celebrate TIME IS ART you are promoting peace through culture.
This day signifies the unity of art, science and spirituality.
This day also marks ceremonies of universal forgiveness; it’s a way of starting the New Year off on a clean, compassionate footing.
The Thirteen Moon New Year’s day occurs on July 26 (Magnetic Moon 1). Why is that? This date was originally correlated to the conjunction of the sun with Sirius rising. The 13-moon calendar is not just a solar-lunar orbital measure, but is coded to galactic timing cycles, most notably the Sirius cycle. Through the 13-moon calendar, human consciousness can enter into galactic consciousness.
Give the human a harmonious standard of measure and then a harmonious human will walk a harmonious mile.
Harmony – that’s what the DAY OUT OF TIME is all about! 

🪄 A full day workshop ( more like a playshop ) on this upcoming Saturday 24 July 2021 at the Waiheke Mystery School, 45 Hamilton Rd, Surfdale. This will be a White Magnetic Wind day, the first day of the White Wind Wavespell.

Learn the codes of the harmonic matrix. Become aware of the multiple synchronicities occuring every day, guiding you to your most authentic life.
🧝🏻‍♀️ Vasumi will teach the codes and how to follow them, through placing people into their codes, as well as teaching how to track the codes. 
💸 The workshop cost is based on a sliding scale exchange of between $60-$150. Your choice!
🍎 The day will include breaks and lunch time to enjoy; fruit bowl, tea, a special where to buy soma bone broth lamb stew, bread & butter, a vegetarian green pea soup by Dianne Tribe, and Vegan delights by Holly Waugh!
blanket, water bottle etc…

THE DAY AFTER on Monday July 26 IS New Years DAY, initiating the Yellow Electric Seed year…
On Monday 26 July Vasumi will offer private sessions on Waiheke Island in person, which you will be able to book via an appointment sheet on the workshop day. Message for an appointment if you cannot attend the workshop.
🐬 Muchas Gracias familia, Namaste, and so much Aroha….

“Who owns your time owns your mind; own your own time and know your own mind”.
—Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan