So on this second day of 2012, we manifest our survival through becoming anchoring into our breath… Our suvival is truly manifested through the perfection of receiving oxygen, and traveling the pathways of our bodies to allow that oxygen to enliven the production of life force… The timeless receptivity of the physical plane to spirits messages that are carried in the wind, communicating what is needed for life to be perfected on our physical plane…

We are supported in this today by Red Planetary Serpent, guided by the Skywalker, in the wavespell of the Warrior… Manifesting fearlessness by going out to explore what it is to follow our instincts, to build our adrenalin and allow that to be guided to expand into fearlessness…. To put ourselves in intense situations where we get to explore what it is to expand into the new and face any fears that propel us forward into new and more expanded domains…

The challenge that strengthens us today is Yellow Planetary Seed, guided by the Human, in the wavespell of the Eagle… To perfect what it is to focus on the wisdom that we have gained from past actions, and from that place co-create the greater vision that we are all here for… To be in the garden, to listen to the wisdom of the plants, allowing the potential of that growth process to inform us as to the creative potential that we may envision and grow into together…

Todays hidden gift is Blue SelfExisting Hand, guided by the Night, in the wavespell of the Seed… To define the potential of co-creation by identifying that our greatest knowledge may be born from our intuitive mind… All new knowledge that is being seeded is coming from the unseen realms and the feminine intuitive brain has has direct access to the collective unconscious dreaming, where in the mind of all beings is shared into the one seed pool… So become aware of your dreams, therein lies the greatest knowledge to access for the co-creation of the New Time!





What does this mean for you personally?

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