So how did you all enjoy the intensity of that Serpent cycle,  I am still reeling!!! Perhaps as we enter this Mirror cycle with White Magnetic Mirror, we may allow all that raw life-force to enter into our pineal glands and fully activate our connection to multi-dimensional omniverses… Yep that sounds like a great thing to aim for! Allowing our realities to become omni-directional and releasing the struggle of trying to focus on only one thing at a time…

Yep I feel that has just cracked my own code, inspired by witnessing this divine art piece below… The stress of focusing on only one direction, whereas if I surrender into the centre and keep allowing the spin, all can become aligned in the centre! And perhaps the spin then serves to spin off all that is not necessary to move forward from the centre as the twirling dervish of galactivation… Hmmm, humour me, I feel I am getting somewhere and it is my job to be fantastical, as it is out here on the edge that the New Time is received…!

So let us proceed up this Stairway to Heaven of this White Mirror wavespell, the first step is White Magnetic Mirror…

Paying Ode

So to pay ode to our divine Magnetic Mirror, may I pray to it now and uncover its great clarity where with the sword it has the capacity to wipe the slate clean… The mirror reflects truly all that is in front of it –

“Mirror mirror on the wall

who is the most clear of them all?

Not thee dear heart, some cleansing for you

But do not fret, the mirror holds its purpose true

You will shine by times end, all will be clear

Just hold fast to the days for all who are dear…”

And so we trust and pray and follow the way that reveals the glory of each evolving day…



What does this mean for you personally?

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