Today is the 8th day of the Mirror cycle/wavespell… As such this Galactic Serpent integrates the direct honesty of the mirror through allowing the flow of the raw instinctual mind… The fight or flight mechanism that allows pure unadulterated brilliance to be revealed… It can be sharp and to the point and in this can lie access to pure thought that reveals where cleansing is necessary for our survival…

Today is supported by White Galactic Wizard… The huber receptive mind that reflects truth which integrates healing and harmonises our accomplishments… Modeling the knowledge that is received through the sharpness of reflecting perfect geometric order…

Todays strengthening challenge is Blue Galactic Eagle… Integrating harmony with long-term vision which d what must transform in order to reach higher and higher levels of creative harmony… The creative mind bent towards creating the most glorious transformations possible..

Todays hidden gift is Yellow Rhythmic Warrior… Focused creativity that does not waver as it organises the physical dimension by fearlessly pushing through any boundaries that may hamper its mission of the creation of joy and magic…

Another divine day on Planet New bEarth as we pay homage to Jim Morrison whose Red Galactic Serpent signature revealed the truth of piercing the veils of endless order.!!



What does this mean for you personally?

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