Good Morning Planetary Kin..

So today is the last day of the 13-day cycle of the Moon, the cycle of flow, sensitivity to pure consciousness, and purification… The Cosmic/13th day brings presence to the original energy that initiated at Tone 1/Magnetic, and evolved to this final step in the mastery of this energy… So the pure presence of the energies above that represent the Moon at Tone 1, is the Dragon, the divine Mother, nurturing with the ability to respond in the moment (Serpent guide) to the flow of the most pure consciousness…. The kundalini that is finely attuned to the most pure flow, guiding us to what is ours to care for and nurture… Allowing consciousness to birth the new through us directly, in cosmic presence… (Thankyou Ivan)

Todays support is White Cosmic Mirror, the portal that channels energy and information, reflecting many worlds and dimensions… A clear channel of messages that assist the release of all that is not needed, in the birthing of the new…

Todays challenge that strengthens is Blue Cosmic Monkey, the presence of joy that comes from trusting the greater picture of change that is revealed through kundalini opening from third eye to throat…

Todays hidden gift is Yellow Magnetic Sun… To attract the light, magnetising illumination that is born of the capacity to hold spiritual presence that is nurturing, caring and available as spirit in any given moment… The kundalini energy that opens the crown and the vibrancy that acts as a magnet, attracting increased light into our bodies…

Blessed be dear hearts… Enjoy the blessed nurturing presence of the Great Mother on this day….



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