Good Morning Planetary Kin…

So today is the 10th day of the Storm wavespell… Today is the day of manifestation in this cycle of change… Today suggests we manifest change through the Star guided by the Warrior, which could express through fearlessly focusing on creativity, art, beauty – to question all that is not of harmony, and to use our natural intelligence to harmonise and beautify… To hold on to the beauty of our natural world, to protect and look after the natural intelligence that exists in the primary geometries reflected in nature – revealing the divine patterns of the universes and of consciousness itself… Creating beautiful gardens everywhere in order to allow our body intelligence its natural alignment with beauty, harmony and its realisation that we can change our physical bodies by simply aligning in nature… The more natural beauty the less illness on the planet – natural intelligence!

images-1Todays support is Blue Planetary Monkey… To play as a hollow bamboo expressing spirits calling… The messenger of the gods, the Kokopelli or Taliesen… The one that travels and shares the joy through song, story and exuberant play that serves to transform and lighten the lives of all he touches… The trickster fool that manifests all that is needed through sharing the gifts of trust, joy and innocence as tools that catalyse the change that is necessary in order to receive the message of abiding in spirit, heeding the call of the wind!

Todays challenge that strengthens is White Planetary Mirror… To manifest our connection to pure consciousness through surrendering completely to the natural alignment of our bodies…Here can be the body practices of the Alexander Technique and others similar that encourage letting go to the body, releasing control, in order to reflect the natural alignment of consciousness flowing in our physical forms…

Todays hidden gift is Red SelfExisting Skywalker… We define how all is connected when we allow the fluid, pure expression that is uttered from a place that is exploring and open to infinite possibilites and is not addicted to ‘knowing’ and arriving somewhere, but more open to fluidly opening, expanding and awakening from the dream… How could it get even better than this? and leaving the answers to consciousness itself to reveal itself to us from a place of infinite connectivity… Send out the question and witness the return, which could be greater than the mind could ever conceive…

So beloveds, a truly glorious day of beauty, be in it, be it and open to all the divine harmony that is soooo happy to reveal itself to you…

BlesSings and by the way, I would just like to truly thank my dear siStar Rachel of Bhakti Babes for assisting me to create this years journal… I love you dear one!!!




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