Deep Dive Mentoring – a 13-step program


Welcome to this soul-search exploring different Magical Systems as they reveal the deep dive into your essence, to find the jewels that are your personal and professional offerings to the world. Supported by learning the following systems – Astrology, Mayan Calendar, Human Design, Gene Keys and others. You will be learning these systems as we deep dive, so that at the end of the journey, you will able to offer the same to others. Deep intuition is strengthened through your journey. This is the TRUE gift!


Metaphysical Mentoring leading to Mastery of the Magical Arts

Welcome to TIMEWAVES ‘DEEP DIVE’ Mentoring. The intention of this Metaphysical Quest is to assist you on both personal and professional levels to ~
a. Find your purpose, anchoring deeper into your unique expression in your life… Manifest your dreams by working with different Metaphysical Modalities to explore your unique and evolving soul essence…
b. Learn different Metaphysical systems through a personal hands-on approach… Gaining the tools to assist you for the rest of your life, enabling you to also use them to assist others…

Opening EyesWe will explore different modalities in relation to your own personal journey. This enquiry will become the basis for ongoing learning of these systems, which you in turn can use for empowerment in mentoring yourself and others… The intention is held for you to become well-versed with the different metaphysical systems and their specific applications in your life and the lives of others… If you choose you will also have the ability to teach and mentor others, through receiving empowerment and self-confidence.
You may want to try a personal session before diving deep into this longer commitment.

There is a choice to receive your mentoring through 7 x 1 hour-and-a-half sessions in any of the following formats, with 6 Quests to cover by your self in your own time…
– Monthly sessions over 7 Moons
– Sessions every 2 weeks over 7 Fortnights
– Weekly sessions over 7 weeks

We will track 13 Quest-I-Ons as guided by Your Essence in accord with what is revealed within a FREE half-hour consultation, before we begin our journey in earnest. In this meeting we will have the opportunity to gauge if it feels right to travel together.


Throughout this Quest we will explore different Metaphysical Modalities… This will serve to deeper access your primary purpose, and the right course of life for you at this time, in order for you to SHINE your light brightly for yourself and your expression in the world…

This is an initiation into the Metaphysical World, and the full mentoring course outline will include reading matter for those systems that you would like to become the most proficient in… Those that talk to your Spirit the strongest…
Through these explorations you will become versed in how to use the modalities in your life, recognising which system is the most useful at which time…

– 2 Intrductry Webinar exploring TIME and Natural Cycles
– pdf of the 13 Moon Synchronometer beginning July 26 2018
– one of the first printed copies of my upcoming ‘Stories of Creation’ book that is written as a guiding tool
– email availability to discuss questions over the entire time
– an ‘on call’ policy, whereas I am available for the length of time of the program with short (10 min) Zm sessions outside of the appointed 7 sessions

There is a limited number of these Mentoring Journeys available, so if you feel activated by this offer, the time to act is now…


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