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Mayan Dreamspell Calendar SESSIONS

Be birthed anew. I am a midwife, holding open the doors to the infinite life you are capable of by exploring together this Galactic Astrology!

Be uplifted and inspired by finally being recognised AS YOU ARE… Clarifying your Life Lessons and Contracts… Revealing your Purpose, Tracking Life Cycles to access the Joy of Infinite Potential… All through receiving your personal Mayan Astrology Codes contained in the Mayan Dreamspell Calendar! Welcome to the New Paradigm…

Of the Soul Sessions below, the ‘Reading & Teaching 90 Min’  shares a deeper understanding of the base matrix of MAYAN DREAMSPELL CALENDAR and its Galactic Astrology, as it applies to you personally. It gives you the basic tools to follow the natural harmonic matrix (Tzolkin) for yourself… It is the beginning of your journey, encouraging you to follow a magical life of Synchronicity, to LIVE ‘Time IS Art’!

To book a Mayan Dreamspell Astrology session here is access to the Schedule and available dates. 

Mayan Dreamspell Astrology gifts recognition of your Purpose and Contracts for this life. Recognizing You, AS YOU ARE. Clarifying your Life Lessons and Contracts. Revealing your Purpose. Tracking Life Cycles...

With the 13:20 codes of the Tzolkin - the Mayan Dreamspell Calendar, this Galactic Astrology, reflects your essence to a depth where it is possible to feel fully SEEN for the first time. This is a common experience with these Mayan Astrology Codes. It happened to me, and encouraged me on this journey to share it with YOU! And no doubt you will want to play it forward. So, perhaps go the whole way and book a session that includes the reading and the teachings! And you will be set to share further. Or, just take the first step, and be WOWed by what is revealed, potentially your most natural way of being.

From receiving these teachings as a Personal Reading, finding your place in the world, you can go on to track the Mayan Astrology Codes daily. Consequently you will witness increased Synchronicity in your life. There is magic all around us, if only we have the eyes to see...

To book a session here is access to the Schedule and available dates. 


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Reading & Teaching 90 Min, Dreamspell & Astrology 120 Min, Transit D'Spell & Astro Reading


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