In these Webinars, you will receive clear guidance on tracking the cycles of your life, simply. By devoting 5 mins a day, bringing awareness of each days energy, you are gifted contemplative revelation. Learn how to ‘decode’ yourself and the people in your life, receiving the benefit of the deeper meaning of life.

Bring your quest-i-ons and receive the Keys to unlocking harmonic consciousness. And begin the journey of deconstructing disharmony, in favor of a life full of the magic of synchronicity.

Along with these 2-part Webinars, you will receive a downloadable PDF of this years 13 Moon Journal for the RED COSMIC MOON. Plus a PDF of the Dreamspell Workbook that reveals how to follow the codes.

Supported to live in the flow of Natural Synchronicity.

We are in the 13th year of 13 years of Purification. A transcendent year of expansive awakening for the whole planet, with an increased need to be aware and responsible for the state of our Earth. 

Track the days to be more greatly attuned to the natural cues of the planet and the cosmos. With daily reminders of our connection to the weave and weft of life, the messages of the Earth become clearer, supporting us to survive and thrive!



What does this mean for you personally?

  • Appreciate what you have received so far? Consider buying me a coffee to support with costs of sharing this beautiful wisdom.
  • Learn the codes that lead to your essential wisdom. Clouded by colonized conditioning, see through the mists to your Innate Wisdom. Be equipped each day to follow the flow of synchronicity and walk the path of your own revelation. Click this Link for guidelines that spell it out easily.
  • Be guided to your Hero/ine's journey. Attune to the depths of your ESSENCE.  By clicking on this LINK. 
  • Track the codes daily with your 13 Moon Sychronometer, a calendar book in hand, to journal and witness the honesty of each days unfolding magic.
  • Track the days and decode your people, by downloading the 13:20Sync App (iphone) or a Dreamspell App (android)