Learn the Ancient Future Art of Time-Tracking or Day-Keeping with a Mayan Dreamspell Workshop.Training yourself to bring awareness to the evolving consciousness of each day. Leads to enhancing the magic of synchronicity a thousand-fold. Ensuring potent grounding into living a magical life attuned to Natural Time with profound revelation and contemplation!

Vasumi Teaching bali spirit 2011If you are attracted to learning the more about the Mayan Dreamspell Calendar, its structure and formulas, feel free to fill in the contact form and contact Vasumi at the bottom of this page.

We can arrange for Vasumi, or a teacher that is physically closer to you, to come and share this system and its wonder… We are very open at this time to training new teachers, we have a goal of having at least 10 qualified teachers in each country, preparing the path for future generations to live magical lives of synchronicity.

Vasumi teaching SC 2014These are profound Workshops sharing in a simple way the depth and potency of this ancient system, gifting a divine path to living a harmonious life…

As well as enhancing your own life, you will be able to benefit those around you to be aligned with their true essence, beyond the confines of rigid mainstream conditioning. To live the life they have always dreamed of… Consequently assisting others to more deeply accept their essential nature, reflected through this divine Harmonic Matrix…

Organising or attending a Mayan Dreamspell Workshop is truly a huge step forward into living a more beautiful life here on Earth… Attuning to the Natural Harmony of our Planet and our Cosmos… A Living Legacy that it is important to set in place for the future generations… It is up to us!