This post is the authors experiencing of the Cosmic Earth day. To explore the meaning for yourself, tap here to read the explanation of Red Cosmic Earth

So just filling in the gap in the flow… two days ago was a the highly relaxing day of Cosmic Earth… Did you all feel like you could stretch time on that day… Did the day feel more relaxing than so many of  the others…

The Cosmic tone works with presence and coupled with the Red Earth guided by the Dragon, we were truly able to respond to the Earths energy very easily… A wonderful day when the Earth just came up and said ‘RELAX’ for those that heeded the call as it was so loud… what a lovely day amidst the hustle and bustle of the days before and these that are following. A welcome reprieve of wonder and gentleness… I was so relaxed, I did not even get to this blog that day… and it was a beautifully chilled day…

So blessed be and for all those that are born on the day of the Red Cosmic Earth, thankyou.


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