Red Cosmic Earth is the presence of deep gratitude for the evolution of Pacha Mama, with dedicated breath in service to her ever-evolving cycles…

Red Cosmic Earth is the 13th and final day of the Serpent Wavespell. Here the presence of survival is felt as a capacity to listen and respond to the cycles of evolution as endured throughout time. Pacha Mama is the recipient jewel through which the awareness of buy carisoprodol these cycles are received and responded to. This kin listens to the messages that emit through the Earth, the synchronicities that reveal the perfect path to survival and heightened life force. To listen and receive Earth Mother’s messages, a divine recipient of the Cosmic Consciousness evolving…

Support / Analog

White Cosmic Wind, guided by the Worldbridger, in the wavespell of the Dog is the support of the Cosmic Earth. Surrendering to channel in the presence of universal love and connectedness to all of consciousness, nothing excluded, with full inclusion and allowing that to sing through, bridging worlds upon worlds upon worlds…

Holding the presence of unconditional love in supreme surrender to spirit, because of receiving messages from other worlds, bridging the many dimensions that connect to all of consciousness. Receiving messages that ensure survival, connected in the timing of Earths r-evolution…



Red Cosmic Dragon, guided by the Serpent, in the Red Moon Wavespell is the guide of the Cosmic Earth. Guided by the presence of instinctive nurturing, in response to the purifying flow of synchronicity revealing itself…

Challenge that Strengthens / Antipode

The challenge that strengthens Kin 117 is Blue Cosmic Hand, guided by the Monkey, in the Eagle Wavespell. Trusting in the presence of healing, aided by knowledge of the greater picture, that is revealed to our deepest inner-sense, through a child-like nature that is drawn to the play of accomplishing magic. In presence playing with creative visualisation, in full knowledge that it brings spiritual healing. Being in full presence imagining the healing of our planet and all who dwell upon her…

Hidden Gift / Occult

The hidden gift of Cosmic Earth is Yellow Magnetic Seed, self guided, Kin 144. The awareness of a divine purpose of seeding a new potential of co-creation. Born from the beginning of time and ever targeting forward towards potent flowering of consciousness.


Red Cosmic Earth listens deeply to our Pacha Mama, our Earth Mother and responds to the urge to bEarth the ever-evolving greater buy soma online usa potentials for all of creation. We are indeed here in presence with her, co-creating the new. Ready to fly, swim, crawl, walk and sing our way to heaven on Earth.

Blessed be and may we listen to our great mother and allow our actions to result from listening, caring and nurturing her evolution as we stand, look down and give thanks to the earth that supports us!



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