13 MOON Synchronometer 2018-19



(July 26 2018-July 25 2019)

Welcome to YOUR Mayan Dreamspell workbook or 13 Moon Journal. Your place of connection, wonder and discovery of the worlds of harmony and synchronicity, woven in the fabric of TIME!

Organise your Life to a more COSMIC BLUEPRINT!

These daily planners are based on the harmonic matrix of the Mayan Dreamspell. This is the year of RED COSMIC MOON. Each of the 13 Moons include a one-page overall view of the whole Moon, an Art page, plus day-keeping pages to journal in. This Synchronometer carries a practical layout designed to anchor you deeply into receiving the NEW thru tracking SYNCHRONICITY!

The Art in this Journal, features artists Talitha WalterfangCharlotte Victoria, Norma BylNatasa Ilincic, Danielle Caners, Jason Morning, Cameron Gray, Simon Haiduk and Rosy Aronson.  In deep gratitude for all your wonderful contributions.

This is the 13th year of 13 years of Purification, it is a transcendent year of expansive awakening and growing awareness for the whole planet, to the need to be aware and responsible for the state of our Earth, finally!
To take greater care of our elemental world, the water, the earth, the air, the fire and the ether (consciousness) that flows thru all…

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A FREE 13 MOON SYNCHRONOMETER PDF is also included with any Personal Sessions ordered.



13 MOON Special Offer

Get a FREE downloadable 13 Moon Synchronometer for the RED COSMIC MOON YEAR when you purchase a Dreamspell Mayan Reading & Teaching 90 Minute Session! Select “Dreamspell Session with FREE 13 Moon Journal PDF” in the options above.

This session explores a deep understanding of the Mayan Dreamspell as it applies to you personally. It gifts the basic tools to follow the Days of the 13 Moon Synchronometer.

Begn your journey  following the ancient future codes of ‘ Earths natural harmony!

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